Not every fashion trend is worth paying attention to. Most of them are temporary moments that disappear as quickly as they come and change from season to season. But there are also some that have contributed to a real change in the way we think about fashion. Whether it's jeans and T-shirts as a rebellion against the suit generation or Marlene pants as a sign of women's emancipation – there have been many revolutionary changes in fashion throughout history that are now indispensable. However, these developments fade in comparison to a current movement: Unisex fashion! More and more brands are making a conscious decision to turn their backs on stereotypical men's and women's collections and create fashion that can be worn by everyone. We at SURU STUDIOS have also specialized on basics that are uncomplicated, oversized and mainly unisex and therefore include all genders. In this blog post, we'll tell you what (our) unisex fashion is all about!

What actually is unisex fashion?

We all know them; we all hate them: gender stereotypes! Unfortunately, the fashion world is not spared from them either, because over time numerous social ideas have emerged that determine how men and women have to dress. Oftentimes, this already begins in early childhood – blue pants for boys and pink dresses for girls. Unisex fashion eliminates exactly these stereotypes and turns its back on the conventional concept of gender. From the point of view of unisex fashion labels, this means that clothing is designed without having a specific gender in mind. Unisex fashion thus sets a new standard in the fashion industry and dispels the prejudice that clothing has a gender and can only be worn by a certain group of people. After all, we should all be able to wear what we feel comfortable in.

Our unisex fashion concept

Fashion is for everyone and has no gender! This is our philosophy that guides us in creating our basics. Our minimalist looks convince with monochrome colors, futuristic designs and comfort and are therefore suitable for every type - male, female or diverse. The style of our drops? Trendy, urban outdoor, comfortable, monochrome and above all unisex and gender neutral. Even our children's range is characterized by the fact that it does not differentiate between boys and girls. The reason: We want to counteract the gender stereotypes that are often already re-produced in infancy and prove to both parents and children that colors have no gender and there should be no such thing as typical male or typical female in our modern world. SURU STUDIOS should be a label for everyone and include everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Uncomplicated, oversized and unisex - all these components characterize SURU STUDIOS and are part of our brand identity. Exactly these values are what we want to carry outwards with our sustainable and fair-produced basics, and we are happy to have our diverse SURU community as a support for this. It is up to us to create a better future. Let's start together: SURU - "THE BEGINNING" - IS NOW!

March 21, 2022