Care Guide



Our products are created to be used and loved for a long time. These TEN RULES should help you to take good care of your styles and treat them best as possible.

1. don‘t wash too often
2. always follow the care instructions written on care label
3. wash with correct temperature: neither too hot nor too cold
4. only wash together with similar colors and turned around
5. always use high quality washing powder and NOT too much
6. don‘t tumble too much
7. give lots of fresh air when drying
8. avoid direct strong sun light
9. better steaming than ironing
10. never iron on print or other accessories




To retain this look for along time here are some special tips to follow:

– always follow the care instructions written on care label
– with the first wash product will shorten a bit – this is normal up to 5%
– choose a short washing programm – this is good for the environmement as well as for your style
– better use liquid (eco) detergent – instead of washing powder
– turn around the style when washing
– never wash dark and light colors together
– when washing process is finished dry immediately with fresh air.
– because hood is worked with double fabric it takes a bit longer drying time therefore change drying position
from time to time to support drying fast.