The beginning is now! It’s up to us to set an example.

SURU STUDIOS is an urban-alpine fashion label based in Berlin whose aim is to establish sustainability in the fashion industry. Our brand focuses on creating timeless, durable,
high-quality basics made from 100% organic cotton. Our styles are simple, oversized and mainly unisex – because fashion is for everyone and has no gender.
To sum up SURU STUDIOS in three words: urban, lifestyle, responsible.



About us: Fabian and Kim developed SURU STUDIOS in 2021 in Berlin during the pandemic. Right from the start, it was important to us to ensure a transparent and fair supply chain, and that’s exactly what we managed to do. We’re proud to be able to call Dhaka, Bangladesh our production location and to be able to realize the SURU STUDIOS project through our parent company Colombus Textilvertrieb Gmbh. Our appreciation for these partners is reflected in our brand name: SURU is a Bengali word meaning “The beginning”. This is precisely what we want to be: the beginning of a better, more sustainable and more humane future.



Resources are becoming increasingly scarce, climate change is advancing rapidly, and wasteful, human methods of production are having a direct impact on tomorrow’s world. It’s the responsibility of every one of us to do something about it and preserve our environment for as long as possible. In the fashion industry in particular, there is a lot to be done in this regard. This is where SURU STUDIOS comes in. The aim of our label is to find solutions and employ practices that deal with these issues. We’re stepping up to the role of pioneers by choosing to act in an economically sustainable way. Our production processes and operations aim to conserve resources and focus on humane working conditions, while proving that sustainable fashion can be cool. Our minimalist looks are characterised by monochrome colours, futuristic designs, and optimal comfort, making them suitable for everyone to wear. We take our inspiration from the mountains of Tyrol and the streets of Berlin to offer you the best of both worlds: Urban outdoor looks with a twist. Start now – wear SURU.


SURU STUDIOS stands for ethical and responsible production. Our brand philosophy is to approach social responsibility in two ways: Firstly, we’re committed to protecting the environment by producing our SURU basics sustainably. Secondly, we take responsibility for our workers in Bangladesh by standing up for fair working conditions and wages. It is clear for us: Fashion is for everyone. We don’t differentiate between ethnic groups, religions, skin colour or origin – we stand for equality. Let’s be the start of a better future. Together.


The textile industry in Bangladesh is repeatedly coming under criticism for its poor working and production conditions. At the same time, the industry represents an important economic sector for the country and has contributed to reducing poverty, increasing life expectancy, and reducing the child mortality rate. Around 3.5 million textile workers are employed in Bangladesh, 80 percent of whom are women. As a result, up to 20 million people (around one eighth of the population) are directly or indirectly dependent on the textile industry.

And this is where we come in. It’s important for us to further develop the textile industry in Bangladesh and to advocate for fair working and production conditions. We want to support our experienced workers on site and make a statement. Fair wages, fair working conditions, appreciation and respect are the foundations of our label and we’re proud to have found a great partner in Colombus Textilvertriebs GmbH in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company is a pioneer in sweatshirt and jersey production (circular knitting) and boasts comprehensive expertise in this area. Thanks to regular visits to the production site and a high level of transparency, we know exactly where and how each individual item is produced. All the production companies we use are listed on the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and have signed a code of conduct accordingly. Strict controls ensure that only resource-conserving and sustainable materials are used for the production of our clothing. In addition, they are manufactured in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the OEKO-TEX® 100 standard.