White shirt on a green background – that’s the well-known GOTS seal and the logo of one of the most important certificates for natural textiles. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stands for strict ecological criteria along the entire production chain and for high quality. We at SURU STUDIOS were very keen to achieve this standard ourselves and we are proud be a GOTS certified fashion label. But what does the GOTS certificate actually stand for? In this blog post we tell you everything you need to know about the certificate and explain why it is so important to pay attention to the green seal.

GOTS: What does it stand for?

GOTS is a certification of the International Working Group on Organic Textile Standards (IWG) and is one of the strictest standards for organically produced natural fibers (organic cotton, organic virgin wool and organic linen). It defines requirements that ensure a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable production of textiles from raw material to final processing. The compliance with this standard is verified once a year by an independent
certification authority. GOTS is continuously improving its requirements through new standard versions, but at the same time makes sure that they remain feasible for manufacturers and retailers in the mainstream market in order to be able to achieve the greatest possible impact.

GOTS criteria

In principle, all products bearing the GOTS seal must be made of at least 70 percent of organically produced natural fibers. Chemical substances contained in the textiles must meet certain criteria for environmental and health compatibility. Toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, functional nanoparticles or genetically modified organisms are prohibited, as are accessories made of PVC, nickel or chrome. The GOTS certificate refers to all manufacturing, transport and usage phases of textiles. Fiber producers, for example, must operate according to guidelines for organic farming in order to achieve the certification. Social conditions in the supply chain are also part of the seal, and here the minimum criteria of the International Labor Organization (ILO) must be met. In addition, certain limits apply to residues for the protection of workers. The use of water and energy must be documented along the supply chain in order to be able to improve the environmental impact. All factories in the supply chain must be certified and must submit to an annual inspection in order to be allowed to carry the GOTS seal on their end products.

As a fashion label you really have to fulfill many criteria and standards to be awarded with the GOTS certificate. All these aspects ensure that with a GOTS certified product you only buy ecologically sustainable clothing. And that is exactly what SURU STUDIOS stands for. With our products made of 100% organic cotton and our sustainable and fair conditions, we meet all of the GOTS requirements. RESPONSIBLE. SUSTAINABLE. LONG-LASTING.

It is up to us to create a better future. Let’s start together: SURU “The beginning” is now!

December 09, 2021