UNCOMPLICATED, OVERSIZED & UNISEX. Because fashion is for everyone and fashion has no gender!

Exactly this is our main message. This guiding principle is not only reflected in our styles, but also in the fact that our colors are available for everyone - whether men, women or UNISEX. For us, it's clear: In 2022, gender stereotypes definitely have no room anymore! Our color shade POWDER is the perfect example for the fact that fashion is genderless and people of all genders and ages look damn edgy in pink. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to our shade POWDER a little closer. Stay comfy - stay tuned!

Our color POWDER was already part of our first SURU Drop and has been one of our absolute color favorites ever since. The reason for this: POWDER is timeless, fresh and fits into every season. We put a lot of heart and soul into developing the different shades. A little too cool, a little too warm, a touch too dark, a shade too light - it takes a while to find the perfect color tone. But this perfectionism is always worth it, because with POWDER we have created a color that fits our label SURU STUDIOS and represents us as a brand.

Our basics in soft powder pink automatically put you in a good mood, and that's not just something we say. According to color psychology, different colors can influence our moods, feelings and even our behavior. The color pink is actually considered to be a calming color and is associated with love and friendliness. Sayings such as "to be in the pink" or "everything is rosy" do not come by chance but convey that only positive qualities are associated with the color pink.

True to the motto RESPONSIBLE. SUSTAINABLE. LONGLASTING. our minimalist looks should complete your closet and stay there for a long time. That's why we focus on timeless colors such as POWDER, which can be easily integrated into your looks and still provide an eye-catcher. For all of you who can't get enough of our shade POWDER and would like to be styled in matching outfits with the whole family, we have great news coming soon. So, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter if you don't want to miss out on any novelties. One thing can be said: The future of SURU STUDIOS remains exciting and above all colorful!

It is up to us to create a better future. Let’s start together: SURU – “THE BEGINNING” – IS NOW!

February 04, 2022