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Let’s start together: SURU – “THE BEGINNING” – IS NOW

As our slogan says, SURU STUDIOS is all about beginning – in several ways. We are proud to announce that the journey of SURU STUDIOS begins for AW2021 with the first drop called „THE BEGINNING“. Our first drop not only refers to the fact that we are still at the very beginning as a brand, it is also referring to our name SURU, which stands for “the beginning” in Bengali. Now, you may ask yourself, what you can expect from our collection and which products will be launched. In this post, we’ll tell you about all the components that make up our first drop and what you can expect in the future. Stay tuned!

Let’s start with the style of our pieces. Our styles are uncomplicated, oversized and unisex, because fashion is for everyone and fashion has no gender! Our minimalistic looks convince with monochromatic colors, futuristic designs and a lot of comfort and are therefore suitable for every type. Inspired by the mountains of Tyrol and the streets of Berlin we offer you the best of both worlds: urban outdoor looks in different varieties! Of course, we don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer and tell you which parts are included in our first launch. “THE BEGINNING” contains the following styles:

October 15, 2021