You wonder what Berlin and the Tyrol have in common? The answer is obvious: SURU STUDIOS. Our label doesn’t only have two founders named Katharina and Kim, but also two different backgrounds. One from the mountains of Tyrol and the other from the urban jungle of Berlin – the two worlds seem very contrasting but are exactly the perfect combination. Katharina and Kim combine the urban and the alpine style and therefore provide the perfect mix of nature and city elements.

In order to pick up exactly this combination and to let our roots be part of our label, we had two model shootings in both locations, Berlin and Tirol. The first photo shoot took place in Berlin. Whether in the streets of the city, above the rooftops or in the underground – SURU STUDIOS has definitely embraced the typical Berlin look in its model shoot. We captured Berlins artsy side and the youthful and modern style of the city. And let’s say one thing: The results can definitely be seen and combine urban chic with Berlin trashiness.

The second photo shoot led us far away from the urban jungle of Berlin back into the nature. In the context of the photo shoot, it was important to us to pick up both sides of Tyrol/ Austria: on the one hand, the wonderful mountain landscape and green nature, and on the other hand, the alpine city flair. In order to also include the minimalistic style of SURU STUDIOS, we photographed not only in various outdoor locations, but also indoors in a photo studio.

Urban, alpine, sustainable and minimalistic – all of these components make up SURU STUDIOS and are part of our brand identity. Inspired by the mountains of Tyrol and the streets of Berlin we offer you the best of both worlds: urban outdoor looks in different varieties! Have a look at our photos and enjoy the mix of our two different sides!

October 28, 2021