We are in the year 2022 - who still needs gender-specific clothing? In keeping with the theme of PRIDE MONTH, we want to show you how important GENDERLESS FASHION is. Many designers are currently obsessed with gender and design fashion beyond all gender norms. But this is not new - it's been around since the 17th century.


During Pride Month, many cities and social media are once again shining in rainbow colors.It is a fact that the fashion industry is currently moving towards "genderless" again - and this can be observed worldwide. Even the British Department store Selfridges has had an "agender" collection in its range since 2015. So it's no longer outdated, and if you take a look around where boys and girls walk in the same jeans, shirts, sweaters and sneakers, you'll notice: gender fluidity is almost mainstream.
Genderless or unisex clothing has actually been around forever. People used to wear plain clothes, whether they were men or women.
"Genderless" can also be seen on international catwalks: Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Rad Hourani does unisex couture, Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton and model Andreja Pejic, actually born as a man, is in demand for shows and shoots in the diversity of the fashion world. 
WE at SURU STUDIOS also make no distinction between ethnicities, religions, skin color, origin or gender and are committed to equality in society. We love diversity and support the LGBTQ+ community all year round, not only during Pride Month.
True to the motto "clothing is for everyone and has no sexuality" we present you our new unisex clothing in the colorful rainbow tones. 


Many brands led by LGBTQ+ individuals and women have been working to promote gender-responsive design for years.
In addition to the identity-forming role that clothing can play for people, it is also a potential solution for building a more sustainable fashion industry. For example, genderless clothing lines give brands the opportunity to produce less and serve a wider audience, ultimately creating less waste.
As mentioned earlier, finding the right size and fit remains a major obstacle for customers looking to shop outside of gender-specific departments. After all, ill-fitting clothes account for a significant percentage of returns. 
That's the reason why we want to find solutions with our SURU STUDIOS brand to reduce our ecological footprint and act in an economically sustainable way. We act and produce as sustainable, recyclable and humanitarian as possible. Social responsibility, a transparent and fair supply chain is also part of PRIORITY N.1 for
June 22, 2022