Slow Fashion, Sustainable Fashion and Minimalism. All these concepts are counter-movements to the so-called Fast Fashion and are getting more and more popular. This increase in popularity is actually a very good thing, because these movements encourage more conscious consumption and counteract the exploitation of humans, animals and nature. The main idea behind all of this is quite simple: a stronger appreciation of clothing. And this is where the movements offer a contrast to the Fast Fashion industry. While the Fast Fashion industry reacts to constantly changing fashion trends with cheap produced, fast-moving goods, the Slow Fashion industry literally stands for the deceleration of fashion. This means that consumption should be slowed down and clothes should be worn longer. But what exactly is Slow Fashion and how does SURU incorporate this concept into its brand philosophy? In this blog post we tell you everything you need to know as transparent as possible. Because for us transparency is key!

The concept of slow fashion

Slow Fashion focuses on quality and not quantity. Reduced production with raw materials from organic farming is a strong relief for the environment by avoiding harmful pesticides. Less production also goes hand in hand with lower CO2 emissions and better quality with longer wearability as well as less waste. Not only nature, but also people are relieved by the Slow Fashion movement. Especially in Asian production countries, workers and residents feel the harmful effects of the Fast Fashion industry. Working conditions are poor and production chemicals often poison local drinking water. Through Slow Fashion and a higher appreciation of clothing with better materials, these conditions should be improved.

Our philosophy

Resources are becoming increasingly scarce, climate change is progressing and constant consumption is having a direct impact on tomorrow’s world. It is the responsibility of all of us to do something about it and to keep our planet as green as possible. Especially in the fashion industry there is a need to improve and still a lot of work to be done. As we said, trends come and go, fashion is cheaper than ever, and the production conditions are alarmingly bad. This is exactly where SURU STUDIOS comes in. With our fashion label we want to find solutions how to reduce the ecological footprint and to act economically sustainable. For this reason, we act and produce as sustainable, recyclable and humane as possible. That’s because our brand philosophy is to take social responsibility in two ways. On the one hand, we care about protecting the environment by producing our SURU Basics in a sustainable way with sustainable, organic materials. On the other hand, we also take social responsibility for our employees by standing up for fair working conditions and a fair wage.

SURU STUDIOS not only pays attention to all of these things, we also continue to develop our brand and optimize these components on an ongoing basis. For us as a start-up, it is all about learning and evolving. Nevertheless, we guarantee the best possible quality standards and would like to elaborate on them at this point. All of our sweat and jersey styles are made out of 100% organic cotton and certified with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO-Tex 100. The raw cotton is locally harvested in Bangladesh and spun into yarn there as well. This yarn is then transported to the production facilities, knitted into fabric panels and then dyed. In order to keep the transportation distances as short as possible, accessories such as our maxi canvas bag are made out of 100% organic cotton in China. In contrast to our organic cotton products, our beanies are made out of 100% merino wool from Austria, which gets processed into yarn and dyed in China under fair production conditions. The merino wool is BSCI as well as RWS certified. BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and means that the companies that take care of the processing of the materials are subject to a code of conduct and therefore high standards are maintained. The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) means that the sheep are treated with respect for their freedoms and that it is always ensured that only the best practices for managing and protecting the soil are applied. In this regard, mulesing is strictly forbidden.

Our products are packaged in biodegradable polybags that decompose after a few months thanks to the natural microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and algae) used to make them. The shipping packaging, hang tags, package inserts, and tissue paper are all made from recycled and FSC-certified paper. Rather than standard plastic packaging, we use 100% organic cotton canvas for our brand and care labels, sourced locally in our production countries. Our woven SURU STUDIOS label is made from recycled polyester and can easily be removed if the products (hoodies, sweatshirts) are recycled at the end of their life.

As you can see, we have incorporated the concept of slow and sustainable clothing into our brand identity and with our organic basics we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and conscious fashion world. Now you may be wondering what you can do in this regard. What about the Mix & Match concept! Our minimalistic and monochromatic SURU basics are perfect for pairing with stylish vintage pieces. According to the motto “having as little as possible” Mix & Match combines old clothing with new styles in the most sustainable way. What are you waiting for? It is up to us to create a better future. Let’s start together: SURU “The beginning” is now!

November 12, 2021